New Edge on Fabricated Glass

Posted in Glass Products, Sep. 1, 2009

ITI Glass introduces CNC fabricated glass and aluminum and hardware packages for glass entrances, handrails and bath enclosures.

Newly acquired CNC equipment, which began installation Aug. 26, custom fabricates glass according to CAD drawings. The equipment is capable of working with glass up to 90 inches x 157 inches. ITI Glass will begin processing orders with equipment on Oct. 1.

In conjunction with the company’s existing Schiatti flat-line edging equipment, ITI Glass offers a wide range of cutting and edging techniques like shape cutting, internal hinge and notch cutouts, pencil- and flat-polished edges on glass 1/4- to 3/4-inch thick, and mitered edges.

Glass Entrances, Handrails and Shower Doors

With enhanced cutting and edging processes ideal for fabricating interior glass systems, ITI Glass offers aluminum and hardware packages with custom-fabricated glass.

Trained customer service staff and professional shop-drawing capabilities give ITI Glass the resources and ability to design code-compliant interior glass systems for most applications. Glass entrances, handrails and bath hardware are offered in pre-assembled and loose-product packages. Aluminum and hardware products from several industry-leading suppliers are available.

Pre-Assembled Packages

ITI Glass fabricates pre-assembled packages according to customer’s measurement of the opening in which the assembled package will be installed. Specify the glass type, aluminum and hardware products; ITI Glass designs, custom fabricates and pre-assembles glass with aluminum and hardware to fit the opening dimensions.

Loose-Product Packages

For loose-product packages, customers order hardware and aluminum (cut to size or stock length) with custom-fabricated glass. ITI Glass delivers loose shipment of glass and hardware products according to the order.

For more information about CNC equipment and aluminum and hardware packages, contact customer service.