ISPAN Spandrel & Silk-screened Glass

ISPAN is a durable ceramic-frit coating used to mask non-vision glazings, incorporate unique designs and improve solar performance.

ISPAN from ITI Glass is a versatile, ceramic-frit coating applied to glass. The product can be used to mask non-vision areas in curtain walls, to improve solar performance, and to incorporate unique silk-screened designs.

The product consists of minute glass particles, pigment and medium. ITI Glass produces spandrel coated glass either by automated roll coating or silk-screening. After the glass is coated, the product is heat-treated to permanently fuse the spandrel to the glass surface. Whether heat-strengthened or tempered, the result is a durable product that creates a distinct and striking aesthetic. In addition to aesthetics, ISPAN improves the overall solar performance of a glazing by reducing solar transmittance.

All ISPAN coatings are lead-free and can be specified for both monolithic and insulating glass unit applications. The product can be combined with tinted and reflective glass types to create unique aesthetics.

ISPAN Standard Colors

Custom colors are also available. For more information contact ITI Glass.

ISPAN Spandrel

ISPAN Spandrel is a roll-coated, non-vision glazing. The coating is applied by automated rollers and is generally specified for 100% coverage. Because of its glass-like appearance and low opacity, the product is ideal for masking structural columns, floors, plumbing, HVAC and electrical equipment between vision spans of a curtain wall glazing. For best results, ITI Glass recommends installing ISPAN Spandrel against a uniform, dark background.

ISPAN Silk-screened

ISPAN Silk-screened utilizes a screening technique to apply ceramic-frit spandrel to the glass. Screens reproduce a number of standard patterns or custom designs on the glass surface. ISPAN Silk-screened can also be specified for 100% coverage to create an satin or acid-etched aesthetic. Silk-screened designs also increase the solar performance of vision glazing. Dots, lines, squares and holes are often added to glass above the direct line of sight in tall glazing spans. The ceramic-frit coating reduces light transmittance, resulting in improved solar performance values.