Introducing Vistacool Atlantica

Posted in Glass Products, Apr. 16, 2013

PPG Industries has introduced Vistacool Atlantica, a moderately reflective, color-enriched emerald-green glass.

The new glass broadens the Vistacool line to include four distinct colors, along with aqua-blue Vistacool Azuria, crisp Vistacool Gray and deep-blue Vistacool Pacifica.

In a 1-inch insulating glass unit over clear glass, Vistacool Atlantica delivers a 47% visible light transmittance (VLT) and 0.35 solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which combine for a 1.28 light to solar gain ratio (LSG) that meets U.S. Department of Energy standards for spectral selectivity.

View Vistacool Atlantica performance data
How does Vistacool Atlantica compare to other Vistacool glazings?

Vistacool Atlantica can also be combined with Solarban 70 XL solar control low-e glass for a low SHGC of 0.23 and efficient U-value of 0.28. This makeup is only available through PPG Certified Fabricator Program members. ITI Glass is proud to be a PPG CFP member since 2006.

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