Glass Fabrication Video

Posted in Glass Products, Feb. 7, 2013

Our new high-output glass fabrication working center is installed and fully operational. Watch it in action here.

Video Transcript

ITI fabricates glass using this state-of-the art Forvet glass working center.

The machine is multi-functioning and automatically switches tools to drill, notch and countersink.

Watch as the machine drills a single hole.

It takes about 37 seconds to complete a 3/4-inch hole in this 1/2-inch glass. During this process, water flushes the glass to keep it cool and prevent breakage.

The machine returns to the outside edge to begin a notch sequence. The glass is positioned and the process begins first drilling from the bottom.

The notch now complete, the machine then advances the glass for the next fabrication.

Fabricating glass for shower doors, rails or other enclosures often requires multiple steps. Using one machine for many fabrications results in faster production.

The machine begins its last sequence and fabrication is complete.