Solarban 67 Announced

Posted in Glass Products, Sep. 1, 2012

Designed to meet the latest building energy codes, Solarban 67 strikes a smart balance between solar control and daylighting.

Solarban 67 is the latest addition to PPG Industries' line of solar control low-emissivity coated glazings. PPG announced the new product would be "coming soon" to convention goers at the 2012 GlassBuild Convention in Las Vegas.

The design for Solarban 67 developed as PPG recognized the need for a new glazing to meet performance requirements in the latest energy codes, without relying on tints or expensive thermal metal framing systems. Solarban 67 features an economical double-silver coating, yet the product delivers an efficient 0.29 SHGC with 54% visible light transmittance in a 1-inch clear insulating glass unit.

View performance data for select Solarban 67 glazings

Some codes, including 2009 IECC, require a minumum solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.30 in many climate zones. LEED Gold and Platinum projects also require a minimum SHGC of 0.30. Solarban 67 acheives this mark in a one-inch insulating with clear glass, which helps building designers keep costed down.

As its name suggests, Solarban 67 delivers a performance that falls between two of PPG’s well-known products, Solarban 60 and 70 XL. Solarban 67's SHGC of 0.29 is a major step above double-silver coated Solarban 60 and slightly less than triple-silver coated Solarban 70 XL's 0.28 SHGC.

View performance comparison of Solarban 67, 60 and 70 XL

The History of Solarban

PPG Industries introduced its first solar control glazing in 2000 called Sungate 1000. Originally, the product was an extension of PPG’s existing line of traditional low-e glazings. PPG would later change its name to Solarban 60, creating a new product line of high-performance coated glass. Next was Solarban 80, added in 2001 (now discontinued), followed by Solarban 70 XL in 2006, a product that offered the industry’s highest light-to-solar-gain (LSG) ratio when introduced. Other products, like steel-blue Solarban Z50 came out in 2007 as PPG began to produce Solarban coatings on tints. In 2010, Solarban R100 was introduced as the first neutral-reflective glass in the product line.