Oversized Glass

Have an oversized design? ITI Glass has one of largest tempering furnaces in the nation and an oversized insulating glass line.

Building designers who select ITI Glass are no longer held back by heat-treated glass production limitations. Our oversized Glassrobots tempering furnace incorporates advanced computerized controls capable of producing heat-treated glass with superior visual clarity and minimal roll-wave distortion. ITI Glass fabricates oversized heat-treated and insulating glass units up to 98-1/2 x 180 inches.

When to Heat-strengthen?

It is important to keep in mind, as the square footage of a lite of glass increases, so does the risk of breakage from thermal stress and other forces. Because of this, ITI Glass recommends a minimum of heat-strengthening both lites of glass in insulating glass units that are 50 square feet or larger (unless otherwise determined by a specific building code).

Contact ITI Glass to discuss specific requirements for oversized glazing products.