New Insulating Glass Line

Posted in Glass Products, Nov. 1, 2009

New vertical Bystronic insulating glass production line furthers the company’s more than 30-year tradition of innovative progress in insul

Now fully operational, the new IG line advances ITI Glass’ production methods with greater efficiency, improved handling of soft-coat Low-E Glass and increased size capabilities, up to 106 inches x 196 inches, surpassing the company’s oversize tempering furnace restrictions (100” x 180”).

New generations of soft coat low-E coatings with improved thermal and solar performance values underscore future trends in the commercial glass industry. As more efficient coatings permeate the commercial glass industry, specialized equipment is required to reduce manufacturing and handling defects during production.

ITI Glass’ new insulated line and integrated washer are specifically designed to process coming generations of soft coat low-E and other coated glass types. The line also incorporates improved production of triple-pane IGs and automated argon gas fill.

At ITI Glass, insulated units have two or more lites of glass separated by a machine-bent, desiccant-filled spacer to absorb the unit’s internal moisture. Units are sealed twice with an automated sealing robot. The primary seal of organic polysulfide anchors the spacer to each lite of glass. A secondary seal, usually polyisobutylene (PIB) or silicone, fills the area around the spacer along the unit’s perimeter.