New Glass Fabrication Working Center

Posted in Glass Products, Jan. 26, 2013

New glass fabrication working center is fully automatic and combines several processes in one machine for a faster workflow.

ITI Glass' new state-of-the-art glass glass working center improves quality and speeds up production with greater capacity, resulting in more on-time delivery of fabricated glass products.

"It's an investment in fabricated glass," said David Wickham, ITI Glass General Manager. "We see a niche for our company in fabricated sales and this machine increases our ability to grow that segment of our business."

Fabricating glass for handrails, shower doors and other enclosures requires several steps, many of which are done on separate machines. The new glass working center is multi-functioning and capable of producing high volume orders, which increases capacity and helps streamline production.

The Francesca 16M 1250 Mill HO (high output) by Forvet is a numerically controlled glass working center that automatically drills, countersinks and notches glass, even on out-of-square lites. ITI Glass purchased the new machine to enhance its fabricated glass department.

"Glass fixtures, handrails, shower doors and other enclosures are what we're really concentrating on. This machine is helping our ability to reliably produce great product for our customers," said Wickham.

Forvet is an Italian company known for industry-leading glass working machinery.