Video: Heat-treated Glass

Posted in Glass Products, Mar. 1, 2010

Look into ITI Glass' fabrication process for heat-treated glass. Watch the video on YouTube.

Video Transcript

"ITI Glass manufactures heat-treated glass using a computer-controlled, automated heating process. The product provides greater resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses, and can achieve specific break patterns for safety glazing applications.

"Before beginning the heat-treating process, glass is washed and its edges seamed -- as this glass here has already been -- to smooth any uneven protrusions or chips remaining from the cutting process.

"When the heating cycle is ready, glass is conveyed into the furnace where it is heated by convection to 1400-degrees Fahrenheit, before passing into the cooling chamber, or quench.

"Inside the quench, lowering of the hood indicates the end of the heating cycle. The furnace door opens and the red-hot glass exits into a burst of cool air. Heat-strengthened glass is gradually cooled during this process, while fully tempered glass is rapidly cooled to leave its surface in a state of greater tension.

"Heating time relates to glass thickness and takes approximately 30 seconds per millimeter.

"As this glass has been fully tempered, it is now four times the strength of annealed glass and because of its high surface tension shatters upon breakage for safety glazing applications."