Neutral-reflective SOLARBAN Announced

Posted in Glass Products, Apr. 1, 2010

SOLARBAN R100 is a color-neutral reflective glass, and the newest addition to PPG Industries’ popular line of Solarban solar control low-e

Because of its color-neutral reflectance, Solarban R100 harmonizes well with a variety of building materials. Compared to other color-neutral reflective glasses, Solarban R100 achieves better solar control and insulating performance values, and offers the most color-neutral reflective aesthetic available. PPG will begin production of Solarban R100 in March.

Based on the same coating technology as Solarban 70XL, which achieves among the best solar performance values on the market, Solarban R100 delivers a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHCG) of 0.23. This can reduce the amount of energy use for regulated cooling and heating systems, resulting in potential energy savings for building owners.

Solarban R100 offers a medium exterior reflectance of 32 percent. It has a visible light transmittance (VLT) of 42 percent and a low interior reflectance of 14 percent. Its winter U-value of 0.29 is more efficient than other neutral-reflective glasses.

ITI Glass is a PPG Certified Fabricator Program member and sources the company’s entire line of architectural glass products, including the new Solarban R100. The CFP program is designed to give building designers access to a national network of quality fabricated PPG products with reduced lead times and responsive customer service.

CFP fabricators participate in a comprehensive audit program that requires annual recertification. Since its acceptance into the program in 2006, ITI Glass has continually passed PPG recertification audits. PPG uses the audit relationship to ensure fabricators demonstrate commitment and technical ability to fabricate soft coat low-e glasses in a manner that meets or exceeds PPG fabrication standards.

For more information about Solarban R 100, contact ITI Glass customer service.